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Welcome to All Souls Little Saints School. We strive to provide highest quality education, bridging your child's success with infrastructure of knowledge and creativity.

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Bringing out the talent within

Our school allows for pupils to be creative by exposing them to advanced studio course and a student-designed capstone project and cultural exhibition.

Limitless learning and opportunities

Teaching based on solid christian principles aimed at building the child's mind to embracing opportunities in all spheres of life.

Message from the founders

Teachers at All Souls Little Saints School expose pupils to diverse subjects and tutorials as they explore learning as a way of life.

It is our privilege to welcome you as the founders of the All Souls Little Saints School. Ours is truly a unique school and its establishment did not happen overnight. Rather, the vision of All Souls Little Saints School was the result of several journeys, including that of the entire parishioners of the All Souls Anglican Church, their prayers have led us down this path.

“All Souls Little Saint School is undoubtedly the best School in Benin City for it’s commitment and responsibility towards pupils.”


Ugochukwu Benedict Ndubuisi


“We had no problems accessing the requirements to opening a school from the founders, from environment to staff was ace “

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